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Our Brands

Meat and Potatoes provide original, simple designs on t shirts and other products. Click the image to head to our site.

The Pit Troll looks after you in the pit! Find out more about the big man by clicking the image above.

Our History

Foam Dart Thunder

In 2013 we set up a small local Nerf event which went on to spawn the UK’s leading Nerf event provider, Foam Dart Thunder. We utilised venues in both Scotland and England including skate parks, shopping malls, football stadiums and even a nuclear bunker.

La Mascarade

In 2011 we decided to take back Halloween for the adults, and created La Mascarade – a grand Mascarade ball set held in a gothic ballroom. The following year we grew the event and tied in with the lastest James Bond release for La Mascarade Bond.

Edindocs film festival

From 2010 to 2013 we ran Edindocs, a¬†documentary film festival bringing quality, independent documentary film and factual presentations to Scotland’s capital.

Office Poker

As poker boomed in the mid 00s, we created Office Poker, live tournaments for those who worked in offices in Edinburgh. As popularity grew, we were forced to open the tournaments up and provided monthly games which were revered as some of the best games in town.